Networking can increase efficiency in organizations where they can share and acquire information between different divisions of the same company to share information and solve business problems. When using networking, it can increase the efficiency of an organization where all data is shared together
Advantages of Networking
1. Central Storage of Data
  • Files can be stored on a central node that can be shared and made available to each other user in an organization.’

2. Reliability
  • Reliability implies backing up of information. Due to some reason equipment crash, the information gets inaccessible on PC, where another duplicate of similar information is accessible on another workstation for future use which prompts smooth working and future handling without interruption.
3. Security
  • Security and protection of information is an additional settled system where the system clients are approved to get to specific records or applications, no other individual can crack the security of information.
4. Backups
  • Data is easy to backup where all the data is stored in the file server.

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