Virtualization is a technology that allows an organization to create multiple simulated environments from a single, physical hardware system and it allows the organization to use the physical machine’s full capacity by distributing its capabilities among many users or environments.

Software that was used in virtualization was called hypervisors where it separated the physical resources from the virtual environments. Other than Hypervisors, virtualization can support many virtual machines (VMs) where it functions as a single data file. It is like any digital file where it can be moved from one computer to another computer and open in either one and it will be expected to work the same.

Virtualization advantages
1. Save Cost
  • Virtualization doesn’t require any actual hardware components to be used or installed. Not only that, it is a cheaper system to implement, and there is no longer a need to dedicate large areas of space and huge monetary investments to create on-site resources. An organization just has to purchase the license or access from a third party provider and can start using the system.
2. Reduce workload
  • Most virtualization providers have a function that can automatically update their hardware and software that will be utilized. Instead of sending people to do these updates manually, they are installed by the third party provider.
3. Faster deployment of resources
  • When using virtualization, resource provisioning is fast and simple and it also no longer needs to set up physical machines, create local networks or install other information technology components. As long as there is at least one point of access to the virtual environment, it can spread to the rest of the organization.
4. Faster Backups
  • Not only can it take backups on a virtual server, it also can do the same with the virtual machines. These machines can be migrated between each other and redeployed quikly which include taking automatic snapshots throughout the day to ensure the data is up to date.

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